How the DES team is making and average of $2385.79 in profits per day with affiliate offers in 2020

Copy Our $14,079+ per day, "Digital Online Business System," to build a lucrative and sustainable marketing business with Recurring Affiliate Profits...with no products, no suppliers, and no technical skills required. No cloaking, no customer service, no product sourcing, and nothing shady!
Master buying high-quality traffic
Gain Consistency in your affiliate campaigns
Learn how to test to find winning offers
This program teaches white methods and takes a newbie to a super affiliate in 2020 and beyond. This much-anticipated step-by-step, eight-week program is now live and set up for your success! Our campaigns are, "what's working now," in 2020 with over the shoulder training on real campaigns and real case studies.

Who is this for:

  • The complete newbie that has never launched a campaign before.
  • ​People with little or no copywriting skills.
  • ​Non-techie people who don't have excellent computer skills. 
  • ​Skilled Affiliates looking to get to the next level and see whats working now in 2020


Most of the Guru's out there teach from theory or skills that worked years ago with old, outdated offers and landing pages. I am guessing in 2020 if you have a cell phone and YouTube, then you have seen or heard of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a simple equation of spreading the word about someone else's product and earning a commission from the sale
There are many choices when it comes to making money via the internet, some the biggest pluses of affiliate marketing are:
  • You are a freelancer, and you own your own business.
  • ​You can quickly earn an unlimited income by scaling campaigns.
  • Money can come in while you sleep.
  • ​You have location freedom, provided you can get to decent internet connections.
  • ​No inventory and minimal customer service.
  • ​Your creativity will likely be what sets you apart from other affiliates.
All this sounds amazing, right? It's all fantastic until you fire up your first campaign and realize performance media buying is difficult, and you burn through a lot of money quickly.

When you are first starting, you have a lot of questions, and the people who likely know the answers don't want to help you. The "free" Facebook groups and easy-to-access forums are usually dead-end streets and loaded with inadequate or wrong information.
But not all the information out there is "bad." We have learned a lot from quality YouTubers in the past couple of years.
The biggest issue is that there is so much information, and trying to decipher the right information from them in a reasonable amount of time is not realistic. Unfortunately, if you get the wrong information in the affiliate marketing world, you will lose money and become frustrated.

So how do you know whom you can trust? It always seems like the people who are making the most money only tell you part of the story, and they keep the secrets to themselves. Usually, most affiliates, dropshippers, and Amazon Guru's rarely, if ever, are transparent with their products and campaigns that are working right now.

It's like a secret society of the "top dogs" who have figured out the online code. Sound familiar? You have the drive, the work ethic, and even some of the skills, but you can't seem to get on the right path.
It's not easy for the newbie. 
If you are one of the guys who managed to turn a profit so far, then you deserve a huge congratulations. Being an online marketer generally has ups and downs. When you have a hot campaign, life is good, steak dinners, and new shoes! The problem is that campaigns don't last forever.

When the money is rolling in, it's a great feeling! However, you always have a gnawing feeling in your gut, "Is this going to last?" From one day to the next, something happens, and it's all gone. Just last month, we were making a sweet smooth $3500-$4000K a week from a Facebook Campaign. They added California Data Protection updates for advertisers, and that jacked the algorithm; overnight, we were losing a couple hundred per day.

It's a constant battle to keep accounts active and ads profitable. Other affiliates find your stuff with spy tools and copy them all the time. Top offers go down, and consistency is always an issue in affiliate marketing. You get something working with your creativity, and then next thing you know, you see someone running the same creatives you designed.
Sometimes we are running a bit on the "grey hat" side, and in the back of your mind, you think it's just a matter of time before this account goes down or the advertiser complains about the lead quality.

It's a bit like a video game, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. The market continues to expand and evolve, and what was working a year ago at this time is not working now. If the gurus are not showing you numbers from TODAY, they haven't figured it out TODAY! It's that simple.

I know with one hundred percent certainty that many of the market courses are from stuff that worked one, two, or even five years ago! Guess what? They are teaching from theory, not results. I did an entire course in May of 2018 and was going to release it in June of 2018, and then the Facebook Apocalypse happened.
My team and I went from a nice $30-40K a month profit to zero overnight and for an extended period. The world's governments are starting to put massive pressure on the networks to clean up their acts and enforce stricter rules, etc. You have to run a white hat these days if you want longevity in this business.
So that course, we finished it, but we never took it to market because the stuff we were teaching stopped working, and ethically, I am not putting my name on something that is not working NOW! We tried dropshipping, but the margins on that continue to dwindle. It's super saturated and dealing with customer service and long delivery times SUCK. Plus, there is a growing anti-China sentiment online these days due to the Coronavirus.
Are you feeling what I am saying here? It sounds pretty rough, and you're probably asking yourself if affiliate marketing dead? The answer is no way! When things changed, successful companies and entrepreneurs pivot and "crack the code" repeatedly. The top affiliates make changes and then CRUSH IT over and over.
I know some older gurus who wish it were the "good old days," and I know plenty of marketers who have adapted and changed their business model. The real marketers are always testing and experimenting with new strategies and opportunities.

Affiliate marketing can be frustrating these days, but what if I told you our system works, and it doesn't have to be? It's awesome to know we are running white hat offers on fickle traffic sources, and we don't have to cloak or run aggressive copy! We used to wake up each day wondering if our accounts would be disabled or a business manager shut down, but with our current systems, people love our ads.

We have high relevance scores, and people like the ads and share them all over for free organic traffic. We even build assets such as seasoned pixels and email lists. How cool is it that we can make money from campaigns that we ran over a year ago! Sounds too good to be true, right? We teach real deal affiliate marketing.
Does this sound interesting? Would you like to learn how?
Before we continue, let me tell you who I am. My guess, if you landed here, you have seen an ad or a video of me.
My Name is Brian Pfeiffer, and I have a strong reputation for greatness in online business building for the past 15 years. I started running my campaigns nearly seven years ago and have broken in the 7 figure range in recent years. I have received rewards for excellence and recently started building a personal brand and blog to serve my audience.

My partner's, Ross Minchev and Mark Vaudreuil, and I have had three coaching groups in the past, where we taught our methods to a select group of students. We have had several students go on to become successful super affiliates with revenue into the millions.
So, here is the deal. I brought Ross on as a media buyer almost five years ago. He was new to the United States from Bulgaria and was delivering food through Uber Eats to make ends meet. If you can believe it, he answered my Craig's List add.

I had a working campaign and was desperate to scale it, but while running more than one successful business, time was my enemy. He had a few skills from his Bulgarian upbringing, such as a basic knowledge of WordPress and Photoshop, which helped speed up the learning curve. In the beginning, he was riding his bike to my office since he didn't have a car. That worked fine until May when the temperature in Las Vegas rose to triple digits.

Ross would have to come to work, shower or jump in the pool just to cool off before he could start to work. He was highly motivated to make money so he could buy a car with air conditioning. That is about when we "cracked the code," and Ross and I managed to have our first $100K profit month and, subsequently, a $10K profit day!
You always hear of these "black hat" guys and "Shopify" guys that claim these big numbers. The truth is the "black hat" stuff is short-lived in today's world on quality traffic sources, and the "Shopify" guys are lucky to see 10-15% profit at scale if they are outstanding. We achieved those incredible numbers with all white hat clean offers and ads and continue to do so in 2020.
Below are some of the recent screenshots taken on the day that I am writing this letter.

Brian's Campaign

Ross's Campaign

Mark's Campaign

The July total in affiliate commissions was $300,000! That's insane! 
Oh, and I forgot to mention, some other affiliates brag that they are the Number #1 affiliate on ClickBank. The last contest they had was in January of 2019, and guess what, even back then, I was hanging around on the leaderboard. I would love to see my spot if they had a contest now!
So, close to $300k in affiliate commissions for July 2020, I guess we know what is working now! Now the burning question is, how much of that is profit? We generally run 25-40% profit at scale with the clean white hat offers. Our simple system works, and we have it all laid out for you in an eight week, step-by-step program.
We do some email collection and remarketing to increase profitability. Times are changing, and we are adapting. Ad cost continues to inch up as more and more marketers enter the space, and big brands such as Ford, Apple, and Verizon are buying up the ads on a lot of the traffic sources we use. It was a big theme at the Traffic & Conversions Summit 2019; that was the first year that digital marketing outpaced traditional advertising. So, you can count on more marketers, more big brands, and us as marketers will have to adapt. We have to be stealth with our tactics and copywriting, not to mention we need killer offers with excellent payouts.
Let’s have a look at our system in from a 30,000-foot view:
Have a look at the mind map. I know it seems complicated, but I will break it down step-by-step.
Here is an explanation. You will be running WHITE HAT, cost per acquisition offers, basically, digital and physical "CPA" products. Sound familiar??
We buy traffic on several different traffic sources, and we get paid when we send a customer who either purchases a product or submits a form (a lead). These offers convert well as the companies we work with are master funnel builders, and for the leads, the prospects simply fill out a form without making a purchase.

What is WHITE HAT? It merely means that in affiliate marketing, the offers are legit companies that do legit business and are allowed on the various traffic sources we use.
Traditional Affiliate Marketing still works in 2020, and we will teach you what is working now. Obviously, it's a significant revenue generator for us to this day. It's a simple model with a lot of little tweaks and programming that make it profitable. We will continue to teach the method and make a lot of profit with it.
Some flaws are relatively obvious:
  • You only have one chance to get the sale or conversion.
  • ​After you get the sale or conversion, the advertiser now has that lead and can market to them over and over.
  • ​It's hard to increase your profit because you can't typically retarget them or market to them again. Sure, you can tweak your landing pages or quiz, but people will swipe them, and it doesn't give you a competitive advantage.
  • ​You are only reliant on one offer or product.
Hopefully, this making sense? It's been a great model for use for nearly five years, but recently we have found a better way. Every year we have to pivot to remain super-affiliates, and 2020 is a time for a change in digital marketing. The cost of ads continues to rise, and more and more marketers enter the space every day. In 2019, money spent on digital marketing surpassed traditional advertising
The BIG DOGS like Apple, Toyota, and Sony are catching on quickly, and guess what; they have more money to spend on ads then us affiliate marketers. So, as ad costs rise, how do we stay profitable with the model above? Pay bumps and optimization will only get you so far. The DES team has come up with what we call, a Digital Entrepreneur System™
Let's take a minute to discuss this. It looks complicated, but it's not. I will walk you through the entire system step-by-step
One thing is for sure; you can see many more opportunities for the customers to be a lead or conversion. We are buying high-quality traffic, and the users on Facebook and Pinterest love the offers. Almost all our ads get high relevance scores, and we rarely get a negative comment. How is that for a change of pace. 
White Hat, Happy Customers, and Many Offers' The DES SYSTEM™
We focus on getting quality conversion traffic, and we get them on to a very well-crafted website with lots of offers. The profitability is much higher because there are so many more ways to generate leads and make conversions. The traffic or people coming from the traffic sources are loving the interactive landing pages we set up, and it's been a highly profitable system for months now. We get thank you emails from customers every day! 
The best part is our partners are continually bringing in new products, and when one gets tired, we have many more waiting in line to test. It's an Evergreen System that produces excellent profits day after day. All we do is buy high-quality traffic and test and tweak offers on our websites. The customers check their email and buy every day; it's crazy! 
We buy high-quality traffic primarily on Facebook; it's been the honey hole for years, but Pinterest, Native Ads, and Google Display Network works for our system. There are many other traffic sources out there that might be worth testing, but keep in mind there is a chance that the traffic might be low quality or even "bot" traffic, which is fake traffic.

Profitability can be tight when a percent of the traffic coming to your site is junk. Other issues with low-quality traffic sources include a low amount of traffic and very few targeting options. For the DES system to work, you need buyers, and people are buying more and more on their phones today than ever before.

We have found Facebook and Pinterest have people that are itching to buy now! We build a site that is like a virtual online mall of high converting offers, get them over to our world, and watch the sales roll on all day and night! Sounds pretty cool, huh?
Affiliate Marketing has been good to me. From $89,000 in credit card debt a few years back to being debt-free in a month, it was like Christmas in June that year. But the fact is, there are some dark times as well, especially with the old model. I want to tell you about why the DES Model fixes all the problems with the traditional affiliate marketing model. You are not focusing on a single offer. Every day we have dozens of offers that are converting, not one single point of failure. If an offer goes down, then we have a bunch more to still "save the day."
Think of a bakery with only one oven, and what happens when it breaks? There will be some disappointed, hungry customers for the morning rush. One part of the system goes down, and everything stopped. We have experienced busted offers many times in affiliate marketing. A hot offer gets paused for whatever reason, and there goes your income stream. All that hard work making landing pages, ads, and writing convert copy went down the toilet.
Let's look at the bakery shop example. This problem could be easily solved if the kitchen had more than one oven, similar to the DES model. The mall has more than one store. In the past, a visitor would land on an advertorial, quiz, VSL, or form fill. Good luck trying to get them to buy or check out five or more offers. We have 20 plus storefronts in our mall, and people love to buy and shop.

Back in the day, you have to get a "pay bump" to leverage an increase in pay. With the DES system, just like in a mall, you can swap out offers that pay more. Imagine going to your local mall and have a bunch of stores like the Dollar Store and Payless Shoes and you make X amount. Then you decide to "kick-out" the cheapo stores and bring in Gucci and Louis Vuitton, well I think you know where the higher profit margins are.

You are the landlord and can put whatever stores you want in your virtual mall, and about 25-30% of our customers visit the mall every day.
You are promoting White Hat Offers that people want, all the offers are re-proven and tested by the DES Team. 
We have run our share of "top offers" from affiliate networks over the years, and let's just call it "aggressive" or "questionable."

I'm sure you have seen some diet plan deals, casinos, iPhone giveaways, and computer virus offers. These are risky and will get your accounts banned on legit quality traffic sources like Facebook, and you could potentially be looking at a lawsuit as well. Could you imagine if this happened to you? We like to focus on traffic and handling the marketing aspect only. The sites we build are long-term assets that are sellable and can potentially rank in Google.

We also collect emails and can remarket and retarget the visitors, which adds the LTV or Long-Term Value of the customer.

The new DES method involves a site with quizzes, email collection systems, advertorials, content, and value-added products that people love and use to solve problems.

The best part is that we don't have to handle any of the annoying customer service or deal with fulfillment and suppliers. You build a MOAT around competitors by having many profitable offers in your online mall, and you can swap and split test to find the best-performing ones.

The TRUTH is if you have a profitable campaign, the lazy affiliates will steal it and rip off your campaign.

It happens all the time. I have an entire playlist on my YouTube dedicated to spying on competitors and spy tools. I love spy tools, but let's be real here, they can work for and against you! It's a race to get the most conversions before the market is saturated, and it's no longer profitable.
Affiliate Managers tend to favor strong affiliates and might spread the word that a campaign is converting. I have seen it over and over again. No campaign will last forever.
So, here's a question for you:
What is your USP or your unique selling proposition? Also known as a competitive advantage. People can rip off your landing pages, ads, angles, etc. Having the ability to swap out the stores in your online mall and being able to run 20-30 offers all at once gives you that shield. You are also gathering some emails, and over time you will build up a massive list of buyers that will increase your profitability.
The DES system is way bigger than we imagined. I pride myself on putting out over 400 quality videos on my YouTube and close to 100 valuable blog posts. Producing content is not easy, and you should be glad it's not because I am sure you heard, "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it."
I know some black hat guys personally who say their methods are no longer working, and I know a lot of Shopify e-commerce guys who say their stores are barely turning a profit. Newbies are confused and typically lose more money than they make. The DES team realized it was time to show the system of the future for affiliate marketing.

The DES Model is a game-changer, solving all the problems of affiliate marketing 1.0. The team debated for months whether to "let the cat out of the bag" on this method, but it works so well we felt obligated to let in a few select students and share the secrets. It's not an easy system to grasp; there are many moving parts, which is good because we don't want everyone and their brother to know about this method.
Beta Students Week #4 Success
This method is so slick we make you sign an NDA, and we will take action if we catch you sharing this knowledge that we have taken years and well over six-figures to develop. We have been using the method and getting consistent six-figure months for the better part of a year. If you know me, you know I am a perfectionist, and I have been working on this for almost five months straight to make sure this is the very best "what's working now" product on the market. 
Ross has been perfecting the method, and I have been working on the free course, the paid program, and the system to deliver it accurately. We have easily invested six-figures in time, research, and development to bring you the very best. The DES System is the best course on the market. I spent over $7000 in other people's programs and went through them; just to make sure we have the best of the best!
An 8-week training program that teaches you step-by-step how to build a system with white hat offers that generate money day in and day out.
You will get EVERYTHING you need to become a lead and purchase generation machine and become profitable in affiliate marketing. Our course is the perfect program to take you from inception to a real-world money-making system.
Let's Go Inside The Digital Entrepreneur System™
I have created a couple of online classes before, but this is by far my best one yet. Most people don't understand the work it takes to create the best in the class program, and I am passionate about teaching and making this the perfect course. If you are going to invest in my team and me, I want to make one hundred percent sure that you get many times the value that you paid. I will gladly put my name on this program, as I am sure it is the best on the market.
    I went the extra mile to put together an incredibly detailed, intense 8-week program. I added helpful PDFS and a ton of over the shoulder step-by-step demos. It took five months of hard work to produce this with my team of five people, but what matters is the content and how incredibly important the knowledge is that you will gain. 

    Everyone learns at their own pace, and the best part is you can watch the content repeatedly until you get it. We will be doing lifetime updates as the landscape is continually changing on the internet, so you can always come back and check out the latest and greatest on what's working now.
    • Sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This information is for you and only you.
    • ​Introduction to Brian Pfeiffer, Mark Vaudreuil, and Ross Minchev.
    • ​Some of our results.
    • ​State of the Digital Marketing Industry.
    • ​Mindset Health and Wealth Knowledge.
    • ​Mind Map and How it Works.
    • ​Follow all of our Social Media.
    • ​Fill out our survey so we can understand you better as a student.
    • ​Motivational Wallpaper for your Phone and Computer
    It's time to find an offer to promote. Before you start this week, you will need to go through my Chapter 18 free course. Our free course will help you understand all the terms and all the over business models. Being a newbie, it's tough getting in most affiliate networks. We have a few tricks for you later in the course that will all but guarantee entry into the affiliate networks we are using. 
    In this week we will include:
    • Week #1 Introduction
    • ​What is Affiliate Marketing?
    • ​ClickBank to getting started
    • ​ClickBank set-up of account
    • ​ClickBank Payment Method
    • ​ClickBank Commissions
    • ​Click Bank Refunds and Reserves
    • ​Niches to choose from
    • ​The Best Offers
    • ​Digital, Physical, and Supplements
    • ​Getting a Commission Bump
    • ​Affiliate Marketing Terms
    • ​How to talk to a Vendor
    • ​11 Questions to ask your Vendor
    • ​Business Manager set-up Part #1 and Part #2
    • ​Verify your personal Facebook Profile
    • ​Job Crushing DES System Walk-Through
    Bonus Week #1
    • ​Week #1 PDF
    • ​PDF of Videos on Affiliate terms you will need to know and understand
    • ​Video on how to talk to a Vendor PDF
    • ​PDF and Video on "11 Questions for Vendors"
    Here we are going deep into ads and how we can create profitable winning ads over and over again.
    In this week we will include:
    • ​Week #2 Introduction
    • ​Understanding a Funnel
    • ​What makes A Good VSL and Offer
    • ​Making a good Facebook Ad
    • ​Setting up a Domain in Clickfunnels
    • ​Setting up a Domain with Name cheap
    • ​Setting up a Company email
    • ​Warming up a Facebook Ad Manager
    • ​Facebook Likes Campaign
    • ​Facebook Business Manager Four New Accounts
    • ​Facebook Fan Page set-up
    • ​ManyChat for Fan Page
    • ​Facebook Business Manager Pixel Sharing
    • ​Creation of a Million Dollar Facebook Ad 
    • ​Creation of a Million Dollar Video Ad
    • ​Ad Vault and Resources Bonus Section
    • ​Outsourcing Tutorial
    • ​Mark's DES Set Up Part #2, Send Grid, FB Pixel, and More
    • ​Spying with On Competitors Ad Spy, Big Spy, Social Ad Scout, Adplexity,
    • ​Swipe File Training Evernote and Dropbox
    • ​Using Ad Parlor,, Hemingway App, and Grammerly
    Bonus Week #2
    • ​Week #2 PDF
    • ​Specialized Video Ad Training with Ross Minchev
    • ​$300K a month bonus video within house Media Buyer Max S
    • ​Five years of our ads and high click-through ratio images for every profitable campaign we have ever run
    • ​Scripts for profitable ads
    Here we go deep into the $300k a month online salesman, the infamous pre-sales pages. We show you step-by-step how we create high converting quiz landers and advertorials.
    We also go into depth on copywriting and telling a story that sells. 
    Finally, we show you one million dollar physical products/e-commerce page.
    • ​Week #3 Introduction
    • ​Your Online Salesman
    • ​What not to run on Facebook
    • ​Copywriting an Advertorial
    • ​Creating a Quiz Pre-Sell Page
    • ​Landing Page Technical Stuff
    • ​Facebook Compliant Hoplink
    • ​Week #3 Bonus Section (GIN, Odaat, LODG)
    • ​WordPress Affiliate Site Build Step By Step
    • ​Click funnels Site Build Out
    • ​Facebook Business Manager Farming
    • ​Job Crushing Landing Page Swipe File
    • ​Clone a Landing Page in Clickfunnels 
    • ​DES Personal Vendor List
    • ​Hot Affiliate Offers, Secret Tools, Similar Web, Spying Tactics, and More...
    Bonuses for Week #3
    • ​Week #3 PDF
    • ​Share a link for the actual ClickFunnel that we used to make $500K on ClickBank
    • ​Advertorial sample to model
    • ​Actual Debt advertorial that was making us $100K each month
    This week we do a full breakdown of a Facebook ad and go super deep into how we are spying to find winning campaign after winning campaign.
    Some of the DES students will fire up campaigns this week.
    • ​Week #4 Introduction
    • ​Setting up your Facebook Ad Account
    • ​Setting up your Facebook Pixel
    • ​Advertisement Guidelines
    • ​Launching your first Money Making Ad
    • ​Market Research, Audience Insights, and Detailed Targeting on Facebook
    • ​Spying on competitor's Ad Spy, Social Ad Scout, Adplexity,
    • ​Facebook Fan Page Ads Library
    • ​Firing the purchase Pixel to get ads
    • ​F.B. Downloader Video, YTD, Private Group video Download
    • ​Similar Web
    • ​What is tracking, Volume Tool, and
    • ​Set up Google Tag Manager for your Pixels and tracking - Brian
    • ​Facebook Pixel set-up
    • ​Setting up the Pixel in ClickBank
    • ​Custom Audience Demo
    • ​Setting up LLA's
    • ​Chatting with Facebook
    • ​Bonus module Deep Work, health, habits
    • ​Get your Pixel Compliant for 2020 California Data Protection
    Bonuses for Week #4
    • ​Week #4 PDF
    • ​Underground Spy Training
    • ​Over the shoulder campaign launch
    • ​Advanced Affiliate Tracking
    This week we are looking at firing up the ads and starting to set up your Facebook pixel gathering data. We will teach you the "tap a vein" method and the scaling and optimization techniques.
    • ​Week #5 Introduction
    • ​Analyze and Optimize
    • ​Setting up Custom Columns
    • ​Facebook Reporting Deep Dive
    • ​Analytics in The New Facebook
    • ​Know your Numbers
    • ​Tap A Vein Method
    • ​Step-by-step to $1000 a day PROFIT
    • ​Email Copy Writing 
    • ​Automate Rules
    • ​Setting Up SMTP In ClickFunnels with SendGrid
    • ​Setting up your email and Auto Responder (ClickFunnels and Active Campaign Demo)
    • ​Calculating Profits in Excel
    Bonuses for Week #5
    • ​Week #5 PDF
    • ​Professional media buyer ad critique
    • ​Over the shoulder training for scaling and optimization 
    Scaling up winning ads. It's time to make some money! The rubber will meet the road as we show you "the actual" working creatives and scale to four and even five figures a day. 
    • ​Week #6 Introduction
    • ​Testing offers
    • ​Dayparting
    • ​The Clone Method
    • ​The Look-a-Like Method
    • ​Zero Targeting Method
    • ​Double Down Method
    • ​500$ Ad Trick
    • ​The Accelerator Scaling Method
    • ​The Doppelganger Scaling Method
    • ​Mark's Scaling Method
    • ​Brian's Scaling Method 0k to $2k a day in 2 days
    • ​Ross's Scaling Method
    • ​Ad Set Budget Versus Campaign Budget
    • ​Social Proof to your Post ID's
    • ​CPA offers and Networks
    • ​DES CPA Connects (Sections for Max Web, A4D, Common Acquire, Verve Direct, Optimize to Convert, Digi Store 24)
    • ​Setting Up Your Facebook Pixel in Everflow
    Bonuses for Week #6
    • ​Affiliate networks PDF and our links to join
    • ​Over the shoulder optimizing and scaling Part #2
    • ​CPA Offer Library for Profits 
    • ​Ecom Spying
    Now that you have seen exactly how we take a losing campaign to profit, you will want to watch it repeatedly and duplicate our efforts. 
    This week we discuss how to turn your affiliate marketing skills into a real business.
    • ​Week #7 Introduction
    • ​Introduction to Manual Bidding
    • ​Retargeting Profits
    • ​Optimize for Ad Delivery
    • ​Inspect Tool
    • ​Delivery Insights
    • ​Super Affiliate Tips
    • ​How to Hire a Media Buyer
    • ​Hiring a Virtual Assistant
    • ​Using Another People's Money
    • ​Credit Cards and Cash Flow (Cards I use, Points, Miles, Cash-Back)
    • ​Events (All about Networking)
    • ​Business cards
    • ​Relationships
    • ​Making this a real Business
    Bonuses Week #7
    • ​$60K Profit Campaign Case Study and Video-Advertorial Ads
    • ​Credit Section, Doctor of Credit Resource 
    • ​Productivity Tips
    This week is still in production as we plan to set up funnels and systems to promote the Digital Entrepreneur System. ™ 
    Students have the opportunity to earn a high ticket commission. 
    • ​Week #8 Introduction
    • ​Coaching Module
    • ​Other Traffic sources
    • ​Passing parameters in Everflow-Giddy Up
    • ​Sniper Method for Facebook
    • ​Be a Vendor Talk - Complete a course by Mark Ling - $2497 bonus
    • ​Making your own course (Module to upsell)
    • ​Become a DES Affiliate
    • ​30 Done for you product to use for Lead Magnets
    Bonuses Week #8
    • ​Tested creatives for DES
    3 Recent 2020 Follow Along Campaigns

    1 Complete Plug and Play Done For You Campaign
    3 Case studies 
    8 LIVE Question and Answer Sessions
    If you have a question, other students will likely have similar questions. Either way, if you can't make the Q & A sessions, the recordings will be in the members, and feel free to submit questions to support.
    Pinterest Traffic Mini-Course
    My partner Ross hit an incredible campaign on Pinterest and will be doing a special member-only mini-course on precisely what he did to make over $40,000 in profits in three months.
    Facebook Group
    You will get access to our private Facebook group, where my professional media buyers and I will be answering questions and giving tips. 
    Don't take on this journey alone. We are here to help you and the other students who invested in themselves.
    Self-educating is an essential value in my life. I have decided to make it my life's work to serve others and continue to make progress daily and share my knowledge, results, and skills with my students. I am a lifelong student who has invested over a quarter million of my finances in courses, mentors, and software.

    In the last year, I have bought over $5,500 in courses. I looked at it like this, if I get one piece of knowledge or one "ah-ha" moment, or better yet, I make a connection with the mentor, then the course was worth every penny of the $997 to $4997 that I paid. 
    One tip can make me a hundred grand easy. I learned and mastered this business, not from one course but by a series of courses, mentorships, and trial and error. Some of the courses I bought would show me many ways to test but show me no real examples. Another course I purchased was great for ads and design but left out all the technical stuff for running traffic.

    And yet another course had all the necessary knowledge needed but was outdated on critical components. While every teacher was undoubtedly an expert, each program lacked something. I can remember the feeling of frustration at the end of a program, dazed and confused. I asked myself, where do I start? If you have ever had that feeling before, you know it's not a good one!
    My goal with Digital Entrepreneur System™ was to get the best of the best and roll it all into a complete course that I wish I had when I first started. This course would have saved me over $50K in mentorships because all the knowledge that fast-tracked my success, I put in this program so you won't have to seek out another mentor. I am sure you get bombarded with "this system" or that "shiny object" every day, but this is what sets our program apart.
    1. You Get the Entire System. I know a few people who have taken other people's programs and are still struggling to profit today. They learned Facebook ads or Snapchat ads, and they can buy traffic, but that is only part of the equation. This business is a bit of a puzzle and what separates others from the DES System™.
    You get EVERYTHING you need, our COMPLETE system.
    2. You will be the first one on the market with this knowledge.
    I'm sure if you listen to anyone on YouTube, you have seen just about every "Shopify" Guru selling a course. I tuned in earlier today, and 7of 7 dropshipping guys all had courses for sale. I am sure all or most of them are good, but in reality, they are all teaching the same thing.

    I think the whole "Shopify, Dropshipping, ClickFunnel thing is kind of like yesterday's news; that ship has sailed and sailed a while ago. I know for a fact that the margins are tough on these e-commerce products with Facebook Traffic as I have a Shopify Store, an eBay Store, and products up on Amazon.
    So, what about the DES™ program? DES is the NEW way of doing Affiliate Marketing. So, why is no one else teaching it? Well, that's easy, it's because we created it and haven't told anyone one. I took all my knowledge of five years running big numbers in traffic, and all the tactics and understanding of my two media buyer partners, and designed a STEP-BY-STEP 8-week program to take you from a beginner to a pro. The best part is no one has a system like this, and no one is teaching it!
    3. I have experience teaching this. I can remember my college days; I was a skinny kid about 195 lbs. and was athletic but never had that muscular physique.
    A far cry from the 290 pounds of MEATHEAD I am now. I had my college buddies giving me tips on working out and just guessed on the diet part, and I made some progress, as you can see in the picture. I didn't fully understand the lift heavy, eat proper, and sleep thing until I picked up my first Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

    From that point on, for the next couple of years, I read every issue cover to cover as soon as it arrived. Surprisingly, from a monthly magazine that cost two dollars, they laid out the workouts, step-by-step, proper diets, correct supplements, and adequate sleep techniques. 

    I went from 195 to around 250 lbs. of almost all muscle in less than one year's time. That muscle and fitness subscription was a game-changer, girls started noticing me more, I even ran into an old high school friend, and he was shocked and said, "Whoa man, it's like the same head on an entirely different body."
    I took some weightlifting classes in college, and my college buddies did know a thing or two, but it wasn't until I had the complete step-by-step program from those great monthly magazines that I had my "breakthrough." 
    This program is my fourth time around teaching a course. After a lot of practice, my team and I have turned this into a system that someone else can replicate. A lot of people can walk the walk, but can they teach the walk? That is the question. We have taken out all the fluff you will find in many courses and only included the necessary information you need to be successful.

    There is one thing you can't get back, and that is time, time is your most valuable asset, and we did our best to respect that. I take pride in what I do, and I spent the better part of a year improving this program and making it the best to my ability.

    Your success depends on how you implement the strategies in this course and how much profit you generate over time. 

    Many of you reading this know I have promised this course for months, but I wanted to make it better, let's say the best. We take a campaign from losing money to profitable in a matter of days and give you all the working creatives. I paid over $10k on more than one occasion, and you are getting access to that campaign in this course. That campaign alone turned this course form GOOD to GREAT, and guess what were are going to continue to add to it!
    4. I have all the ad and landing pages from all the profitable campaigns we have run in the last five years. DES is not theory. DES is the real deal you can take to model it, play with angles, and use it to profit. We have seven-figure campaigns in there.
    Here are some of the other concerns I hear:
    "I am not a technical wiz."
    Well, join the club. Most of the top marketers I know, including myself, are far from technical. I struggled with code, tracking, design, and still do for that matter, but somehow, I created multiple seven-figure business empires. In today's world, if you want to become a savage online, you will have to accept that this journey you are about to take in will be a life of continuing education.

    In some professions, you take a certain amount of hours of "continuing education," such as real estate and medical. If you don't continuously educate yourself with technology moving at an accelerated pace these days, you will be a dinosaur in a matter of years, maybe even months!
    "I hated writing in high school."
    Join the club. English is my first language, and I still suck at it. I was that gifted kid in math and science, but good old English, not so much. We included folders of working copy and ads to help you see what works, and you can model the proven stuff in the swipe files provided. We also have an entire section on copywriting.
    "I hear affiliate marketing is super competitive."
    Mindset hack here; competition is a great thing. It means there are customers, and the demand is HIGH! With high demand you can expect high profitability.

    We teach you how to be unique, stand out in the crowd, and be that blue ocean, save the red ocean for the sharks, as I mentioned earlier, no one is teaching this system.
    "I never have enough hours in the day."
    Time is my biggest enemy. I have so many grand ideas and not enough hours in the day. I would say you need to dedicate 10-15 hours each week to get started. We give you all the tools to implement the system, which will help you hit the ground running.

    It's essential that you are entirely focused and not distracted for those "working" hours. I like to call this "deep work." Ten plus hours of "deep work" is likely more effort than most people put in when they work a 40-hour week.
    "What happens if I fall behind?"
    Digital Entrepreneur System™ is an Evergreen course. You will get lifetime access. This system has been working for us for a long time and continues to "crush" today. There will always be a need to generate leads in business in our lifetimes. Our system will be here and ready for you when you are ready.
    Let me put it to you lightly, this business is not an easy button, and it's not for everyone. I have had students become millionaires, and it's changed people's lives, and I have seen people simply not take advantage of the knowledge we provide.
    So, let's see if you are a fit:
    • ​Are you willing to put in the work?
    If you when to beauty school to do hair, does that mean you will become the best hair color specialist in the world? Of course not! From what my female friends tell me, individual beauticians can nail it when it comes to coloring, but on the flip side, I'm sure we've all heard of a hair horror story (most women seem to hate "the look" until they get used to it). Like in beauty school, we will teach you all the strategies, give you all the tools, and techniques that have driven our success, but it will be up to you to execute it and "make the color" right.
    • Are you over trying to figure it out on your own?
    Endless YouTube videos and paying for courses that are outdated sound familiar? The game changed in 2020, and we give you the golden nuggets you need to execute with your time.
    • Do you want to learn more about Facebook?
    I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook for various reasons. However, it's still the honey hole of traffic. The DES System™ course goes deep into Facebook, and you will see us take a losing campaign to a profitable campaign, then to scale, step-by-step, over the shoulder. These tactics we teach can be part of your strategy for agencies, e-commerce, and affiliate CPA marketing.
    • Have you decided it's time for a new business model?
    Maybe you are tired of sourcing products or dealing with customers, or perhaps you just hate your job. Moving over to a new business model will be more profitable for you and your family. You are not a good fit for the Digital Entrepreneur System™ if this sounds like you.
    • You don't have any money or access to money
    You need to drop some scratch to get this course, and if that leaves $0 in your bank account, then you will not be able to pay for traffic. Make no mistake; DES is the fast lane media buying we teach. You will need to buy traffic to get results and test to buy data. I would say that $1000 is a fair number to start with, but less is doable.
    • You are expecting overnight success
    If you think this is a "Get Rich Quick" scheme, you are mistaken. If you want a guarantee of income, then this is not a fit for you. To this day, even professionals like us have up and down months, just like in any business. There is risk involved, and generally, you have to spend money and go negative 
    • Facebook ad account access
    We teach Facebook in this program and other traffic sources, but the content is Facebook traffic. If your accounts are disabled or have a banned business manager (we have a lot of banned ones), you will need to get your hands on another to get the most out of this course. We do have a section dedicated to this in the course.
    • You are a know-it-all or are simply not coachable.
    I don't pretend to know everything, but I enjoy learning new things, setting goals, and achieving them. We want students who are willing to learn, put in the work, and strive to make progress daily. We can't help you if you think you know everything already. So, what is the opportunity cost of NOT doing this program? Everything has a "price" you pay in the beginning, and throughout your life, there is a cost.
    Let me tell you a story about a mentorship I paid for, and maybe some of you will relate to this someday. I was trying to learn mobile affiliate marketing, and I bought a few courses and was learning every day.

    I still hadn't cracked the code, but I knew I was close. I just need that one "ah-ha" moment to get me the promised land. An opportunity came up for the $20,000 mentorship to get a "working campaign." Now, I was a good $10K in the hole with courses and testing at this point. The price for this was another $20,000. It was all I had. So, I weighed the price to the cost of not fast-tracking my success.
    The results were this: That campaign hit; it was the Draft Kings app install in its inaugural season on the opening weekend of the NFL. I made between $8000-$10,000 profit in a couple of days, recouping about half my mentorship investment. More importantly, I saw firsthand that this stuff works, giving me the confidence to keep pushing on in this business that ultimately changed my life.

    Also stemming from the mentorship was a friendship from the mentor that turned into two product launches. Those launches produced almost a half-million in revenue. So, let me ask you if the $20,000 price was worth it? Who knows what the cost would have been on my life if I hadn't paid that price.
    • 1. You can try other courses
    There are thousands of courses on affiliate marketing, and some may be less some maybe more. Let's talk about the cost again.

    *From what I have purchased recently, the "gurus" are teaching crap from 2015 and 2016, and you may find out months later that this stuff doesn't work anymore.

    *I know a couple of guys who teach e-commerce and don't have a store or brand themselves; this is 100% true!

    *Other courses might teach the basic knowledge. You can get this in my free course on the "start" tax on my blog, but then they try and upsell you to a $10K mentorship to get the working stuff.

    *Other courses might teach the basic knowledge. You can get this in my free course on the "start" tax on my blog, but then they try and upsell you to a $10K mentorship to get the working stuff.
    • 2. You can make an effort to figure everything out yourself
    Trial and error is the best way to learn, in my opinion. The problem, traffic is not cheap these days, and if you don't know what you are doing, you will burn through some budgets quickly. The fact of the matter is that it's going to cost money either way to learn affiliate marketing.

    The Digital Entrepreneur System™ is designed to make things easier, speed up the learning curve, and preserve the precious time we mentioned. Don't waste time on old, outdated methods; this is what is working now.
    • 3. Decide to do nothing
    I used to be a seminar junky and thought I was making progress by going to hear experts pitch for 1.5 hours. It's the same on YouTube, millions of hours of content, mostly at little value, all trying to pitch a course they created. Sound familiar? If you are just consuming content and not taking action, you are essentially doing nothing.

    I can 100% guarantee in three months that if you take a course and don't take action, you will forget 90-95% of what you thought you learned. You might as well not bother taking that course or watching that video because it is the same as doing nothing at all.

    Many people out there have given up on making this "affiliate marketing" thing work. I am here today to tell you that it works on a grand scale, and I have the numbers to prove it.

    This system works in 2020, and if you made it this far, you are an action taker. You don't want to waste any more of your valuable time on old, outdated information. You have a program and mentor right here that will show you the way.

    We can all come up with excuses, but I decided to go all-in five years ago, and it changed my life. I don't want to look back on my life and wonder why I didn't jump on that opportunity.
    Join the Digital Entrepreneur™ Complete Program

    Full access to the 8 Week DES System ($4997 Value)

    Get access to our "no fluff" step-by-step system that generated $300,000 in revenue in July of 2020.

    8X Live Q&A Group Calls, ($2,497 Value)

    After Week #2, we will have live question and answer sessions lasting an hour or more. Bring your questions and get all of them answered.
    Pinterest Mini-Course for Affiliate Marketers, ($1997)
    Want a Facebook alternative? We cracked the code on Pinterest in which we have produced $10K a month profit. We will show you the step-by-step process we used to get profitable. Pinterest is a unique beast, and no one is teaching paid advertising like the DES Team.
    Untouchable Ads Vault From 5 Years of Affiliate Marketing, ($5997)
    Makes everything much easier when you have the actual ads themselves and the targeting.
    4X done for you campaigns, ($5997 value). Proven winners that have generated us 6 and 7 figures in profits!
    3X Profitable Follow Along Campaigns, ($5997 value)
    These are real campaigns that turned an actual real-world profit. You will get three follow along case studies. One of the three was five figures in profit.

    3X follow along with campaigns, ($5997 value). One of the three we took to $18,000 in profit in June 2020!
    The DES Private Facebook Community, ($497 Value)
    Ross, Mark, and I will be the moderators, and we will be active in the group to help you along on your journey, but the real value will be interacting with the other like-minded affiliates.
    Total value $21,982
    But you won't pay that. 
    Which Option Works For You
    If you have any questions about the course feel free to email us ( We are here to help.
    7 -Day 100% Risk-Free, No-Hassle Guarantee.
    The 7-day "buyer's remorse" period is always available in my courses. I get it, things come up, and if you want your money back, email us, and we will happily refund you no questions asked.  
    We won't go beyond 7 days for a very good reason as this is when we start getting into the really "good stuff," the stuff that we promise will exceed your expectations.
    Check out Module Zero to Three to see if you like our teaching style. If you like the content and feel it's for you, we would love to walk you through the entire system. If, for whatever reason, this is NOT what you expected, we won't take it personally, and we will refund you 100%.

    All you have to do is email us, no hassles, no questions asked, and your money will be on its way back to you. We understand the value of the information in this program and only want to work with people who want to work with us.
    So, is it worth It? The course is $997, and if you put that into 52 weeks, you are at $19 a week!
    Last night I went for a burger with a friend and my bill was more than $19.
    • ​Do you think you can cut one meal out a week? I know I can. The one investment that pays me the most is the investment in myself.
    • ​Do you want to quit that 9 to 5?
    • ​Do you want location freedom?
    The value I am offering in this course is worth way more than $19 a week. Many of you have made your decision quickly and with authority because you know that specialized knowledge will speed up your learning curve. Some of you are likely still skeptical, I know the feeling, there is a ton of rubbish out there with old, outdated information.
    Today is Your Time
    You might think now is not a good time for me, "I'll join next year." If you want to get into affiliate marketing, then you need to get in now and start learning. DES is your opportunity to get in on a system that no one else is teaching.

    The best success stories are the ones that recognize an opportunity and jump at the chance. You will get the first-mover advantage in light years ahead of everyone else doing the same old tactics. It is much easier to succeed before a wave of competition enters the market. DES is the system you have been waiting for, and it's right here, you don't need any more information then what is right here. 
    It's time to get committed; it's time for you to make your decision.
    To Your Success, 
    (DES Team) - Brian, Ross, and Mark
    I get hit up almost daily on Skype, Facebook, and Instagram with people telling me they are not profitable.
    Here is what they say to me:
    • ​What traffic source are you using?
    • ​What offer(s) are you running?
    • ​How are you staying consistently profitable?
    • ​What is the secret formula?
    • ​Can you help me?
    Any of these questions sound like you? I know some of you ask because I pulled them right from my messages today. The system we show you in the course is nothing like you have seen before, and it will be almost impossible to figure out on your own. We have the special sauce that keeps us profitable day in and day out while everyone else seems to be on a roller coaster of campaigns.
    I challenge you to figure this out on your own. We have spent countless hours of research and hundreds of thousands of dollars to "crack the code." 
    The time is now. The choice is yours. How bad do you want it?
    You can try to watch a million YouTube videos and try and remember that nugget and this method, and I say good luck. I am a YouTube junkie and have yet to see a single person show what we show in this program. DES is your chance to get consistently profitable finally, so don't waste another year, let's do this! NOW!
    Here Are Your Options:
    (Check out, the cost is $997 or 3 payments of $397 to start for early movers).
    If you have any questions or concerns about the course, feel free to contact us:
    • ​773-273-0878
    • ​Surreal LLC, 1854 Ghost Trace Avenue, Las Vegas NV, 89183
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